Premium Freshwater Crayfish

We are passionate about KEEWAI as it represents a new approach to aquaculture that is low intensity, has no additives (food or chemicals) and is environmentally friendly.

We grow KEEWAI in a natural environment which is hard to find or replicate elsewhere, both in and outside of New Zealand.

The forests containing KEEWAI generally encompass the headwaters of catchments and this ensures our ponds receive only pristine and fresh spring and rain water.

Our KEEWAI live in low densities ensuring that they enjoy a stress-free existence.

Our KEEWAI receive no artificial feeding or additives. Nature provides everything that KEEWAI need.

We gather KEEWAI by hand in the ponds and select only the best for market.

KEEWAI have long been prized as a food source with a flavour similar to Rock Lobster, but with a sweeter taste and more delicate flavour. This flavour results from the natural environment and slow growth rates, as it can take up to four years to produce a KEEWAI of saleable size.

KEEWAI are the ultimate clean, green New Zealand products.

We are privileged to be farming such a unique and special species and each summer offer KEEWAI to a selection of discerning restaurants that have a philosophy of using only the best sustainably harvested produce.